• "I really liked the holistic approach of the doctoral program: scientific technical training, soft-skill courses, interdisciplinary exchanges with fellow students and international visiting scholars. This special combination was fundamental for my academic career."

    /// Soyoung Q Park, South Korea
    Berlin School of Mind and Brain

  • "The networking amongst doctoral students is a great feature of Berlin for junior researchers. At BDPEMS, I really appreciate the fact that non-economists like myself also receive extensive training in acquiring research expertise."

    /// Martin Pollrich, Germany Berlin
    Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science

  • “I will do my doctorate here in Berlin, which I see as one of the best places for highly qualified training in the field of neuroscience.”

    /// Tian Zhang, China
    International Graduate Program Medical Neurosciences

  • "Berlin is one of the best places in Europe to pursue doctoral studies and to develop a career as a researcher. The scientific location hosts brilliant researchers, I have access to an excellent infrastructure and can collaborate with other important research institutions in Germany and worldwide."

    /// Marco Cosme, Portugal
    Graduate School of Plant Sciences

  • "My research overlaps different scientific disciplines. The process of permanent exchange with scientists from other areas is therefore important to me. Studying within the Graduate School makes contact easy, because it unites university and non-university research institutions under one roof."

    /// Christine Gerbich, Germany
    Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies

  • “The research schools in Berlin are excellent institutions providing doctoral students with the relevant skills and competencies. They also offer courses on how to build professional relationships and networks in academia."

    /// Joseph Lengmang, Nigeria
    Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies

The capital region
of Germany is the place to be for

doctoral researchers:

Five universities offer doctoral programs with excellent funding opportunities and join forces with outstanding
non-university research institutions to generate a unique, vibrant academic environment.

This website will give you an insight into what the Berlin area has in store in all disciplines,
ranging from ancient history to astrophysics – browse and be inspired!

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