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The Graduate School of Plant Sciences at the Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences provides a structured program for doctoral candidates in the various subjects encompassed by the plant sciences. Plants are the basis for life on earth. They perceive and transform solar energy, they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and they provide mankind with food, raw materials and medicine.

Today, plant life is threatened by extinction of species and rapid climate change. Therefore, the understanding, preservation and sustainable use of plants are of increasing relevance. To achieve a comprehensive understanding of diverse aspects of plant life an integrative approach in research and teaching is needed.


A wide range of different research topics is covered, including studies of how plants perceive biotic and abiotic stimuli, how information is transmitted within plants through hormones and other signal molecules, how plant development is genetically controlled, how plants interact with other organisms, and how traits evolve and new plant species arise.
The research groups involved in the Graduate School of Plant Sciences are integrated into national and international research programs, including the IRTG "Biocommunication - Mechanisms and Consequences of Information Storage and Retrieval in Plants and Microbes" of the CRC 973 (expired). Doctoral candidates are also taught transferable skills, which cover knowledge transfer, scientific management, and foreign language skills. The Graduate School is a member of Dahlem Research School.
The program not only ensures solid, subject-specific knowledge based on current research, but also targeted support and intensive supervision.

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Chair: Prof. Dr. Daniel Schubert
Coordinator: Coordination Office
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Graduate School of Plant Sciences
Institute of Biology
Applied Zoology / Animal Ecology
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