Gravitational Wave Astronomy

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A unique mix of theory and experiment: the International Max Planck Research School of Gravitational Wave Astronomy (IMPRS-GW) offers a unique opportunity to learn about gravitational wave research in both the theoretical and the experimental fields.

The partnership between universities, leading research institutes and the GEO600 gravitational wave detector will allow our doctoral candidates to become familiar with all aspects of this exciting and promising research discipline.


High quality and comprehensive graduate education

IMPRS-GW aims at educating a new generation of researchers in the emerging field of gravitational wave astronomy. Scientific research in this graduate school ranges from laser development, interferometry and quantum optics to data analysis and numerical simulations of gravitational wave sources.

At the cutting edge of an emerging field

The IMPRS curriculum ensures a high-quality and comprehensive graduate education. In addition to regular university courses, special courses focusing on the school’s chosen research are given by staff members and long-term visitors as semester or block courses. The courses are tailored to the current research, technology, and methods relevant to the doctoral work.

Prof. Dr Karsten Danzmann Fumiko Kawazoe

gravitational waves, astronomy, GEO600 gravitational wave detector

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Chair: Prof. Dr. Karsten Danzmann
Coordinator: Dr. Fumiko Kawazoe
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
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Telephone: +49 511 5677334
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