Universität Potsdam

Founded in 1991, the Universität Potsdam has developed to a unique center for science and technology within Germany. Five faculties form the pillars of the institution: the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, and the Law Faculty. Special emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary areas beyond the teaching and research activities of the individual institutes. These fields include Cognitive Sciences, Functional Soft Matter, Complex Systems, Geosciences, Functional Ecology and Evolution, Plant Genomics and Systems Biology, Public Policy and Management, Unsettled Cultures, and Empirical Educational Studies.

Attractively located in close vicinity to the capital Berlin, the Universität Potsdam is well-placed in a firmly-established and successful interdisciplinary infrastructure. Exploiting synergies is a matter of course: more than 50 joint professorships intensify the cooperation between the university and its non-university research partners.

Students interested in research have the opportunity to get involved in ongoing research projects during their studies and to finish with a doctoral dissertation, which is an additional incentive for them to engage in a scientific career. To increase academic support for doctoral candidates, the Universität Potsdam has founded the Potsdam Graduate School that spans the five faculties, making the academic site Potsdam even more attractive for young scholars from Germany and abroad.


7 Departments
20.802 Students
2.215 Doctoral Candidates
25 Doctoral Programs
683 Research School Students

Potsdam Graduate School

The Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS) strives to ensure optimum conditions during the doctoral and Postdoc phase and offers an attractive research and funding environment for early stage researchers. It provides practical and financial assistance by awarding subsidies towards travel expenses and publication costs as well as proofreading of professional publications in English.

Young researchers can profit from further education opportunities, such as a wide range of advanced training and qualification courses in different academic and non-academic fields. Additionally, the Potsdam Graduate School hosts interdisciplinary events for doctoral candidates and Postdocs in Potsdam. The different formats of these events create a forum for young researchers and facilitate national and international networking.

The Potsdam Graduate School is setting national standards with its declared quality management for doctoral projects. It has developed a comprehensive catalogue of criteria that are geared towards internationally acknowledged quality standards in structured doctoral education. Individual support and continuous mentoring are emphasized from the beginning of the doctoral phase.

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