StRATEGy: Surface processes, Tectonics and Georesources: The Andean foreland basin of Argentina

Earth and related environmental sciences

The DFG International Research Training Group “StRATEGy” emphasizes research activities between surface processes, tectonics, and georesources. The goal of the PhD program is to establish an international virtual campus devoted to source-to-sink studies in the foreland basins and their adjacent orogenic interiors of the NW and central Argentine Andes on highly variable time-scales, fostering an exchange and mobility program that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.


The current PhD projects are based on the philosophy of interdisciplinary, cooperative, team- and network-based research. This format provides enough room for the student's creativity and self-determination to design challenging research projects, which will reflect the student's individual capabilities and interests. A vibrant study program is designed to enable high-level education in a friendly, competitive, international environment.

  • Interdisciplinary lecture series on various aspects of climatology, tectonics, basin modeling and georesources
  • Short courses on basin analysis, topographic and geodynamic modeling, dating techniques etc.
  • Diverse fieldschools are offered in cooperation with our Argentine partners
  • Weekly seminars to present and discuss own results and research hypotheses
  • Improving skills in writing scientific proposals, publishing articles, presenting talks, and speaking in public
  • International workshops and conferences, and 6 month stay abroad in Argentina at the partner institution (cotutelle de thèse)
Contact Information
Chair: Prof. Dr. Manfred Strecker
Coordinator: Dr. Verónica Torres Acosta
Universität Potsdam
Institut für Erd- und Umweltwisseschaften
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24/25
14776 Potsdam
Telephone: +49 331 9775791
Deadlines: August 2017 or August 2018
Places: 12
Scholarships: salary E13 TVL (75%) for 3 years