Clinical Exercise Science


The Master's and doctoral program Clinical Exercise Science (CES) is the acquisition of research based and occupational skills for professions in the field of exercise, prevention and rehabilitation. The CES curriculum is divided into clinical applications for patients as well as for recreational and high-performance athletes. Emphasis is put on theoretical, methodological and experimental academic education.


The scientific curriculum encompasses the effects of physical activity on disease prevention and rehabilitation with the focus on exercise physiology and physical therapy. Practical education entails collaborations with hospitals as well as in- and outpatient rehabilitation clinics. Furthermore, practical and scientific education is facilitated by cooperation between the regional Olympic Sports Centre and the University.

Participants receive academic and methodological education in Scientific Methods and Evaluation. Other specific topics are taught in the modules Exercise in Prevention and Rehabilitation and Applied Methods. The program includes advanced modules in Scientific Qualification and Applied Methods.

The combined Master's/doctoral program is a four-year full-time course of study (240 Credit Points) and aims to empower candidates to acquire the skills necessary for independent research and academic teaching as well as for leading positions in health services.

physiotherapy center Prof. Dr med. Frank Mayer Christoph Otto programme

exercise, prevention and rehabilitation

Contact Information
Chair: Prof. Dr. med. Frank Mayer
Coordinator: Christoph Otto Universität Potsdam Faculty of Human Sciences Am Neuen Palais 10 House 12 14469 Potsdam
Deadlines: June
Places: no fixed number
Scholarships: none