Science of Intelligence (SCIoI)

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Science of Intelligence (SCIoI) is a joint project between the Technische Universität Berlin and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, but also includes research groups at other institutions in Berlin and Potsdam.

SCIoI focuses on understanding intelligence in all its facets, exploring its fundamental laws, principles, and different forms, from artificial to individual and collective. SCIoI offers a unique, interdisciplinary, three-year doctoral program in which promising researchers have the opportunity to develop their own projects.


The SCIoI curriculum can feature courses from all the disciplines involved in SCIoI:

Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Biology, Computer Vision, Control, Educational Science, Machine Learning, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology and Robotics. In particular, systems building and integration science are part of the curriculum for SCIoI graduate students this enables our students to integrate their research into the intelligent synthetic systems we build.

Doctoral candidates acquire a strong foundation for interdisciplinary work by attending classes across the participating disciplines and exploring research methods and topics to which they have not been previously exposed.

The doctoral program is planned over six semesters, or 36 months. All mandatory courses and lectures are held in English. All doctoral positions include enrolment in the cluster's doctoral program as well as participation in research colloquia, lecture series and workshops, and active engagement in the Cluster's research activities. All doctoral candidates are expected to complete the SCIoI teaching program.

Deadlines: Late November for the following winter semester (1 October), visit for open positions

Scholarships: All doctoral and postdoctoral positions are full-time salaried positions at the TV-L E13 level (federal wage agreement or “Tarifvertrag der Länder”). For updates, please see our website under “funding”:

Contact Information
Chair: Oliver Brock
Coordinator: Julten Abdelhalim
Telephone: +49 30 (+49)030-31477096