Latin American Studies from a Comparative and Transregional Perspective

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The doctoral program at FU Berlin's Institute for Latin American Studies enables young researchers to write their thesis in their chosen areas of specialization (Cultural and Social Anthropology, Gender Studies, History, Literature and Cultures of Latin America, Economics, Political Sciences and Sociology) in the context of an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented curriculum and research program. The program is largely concerned with the states, cultures and societies of Latin America. The main languages are Spanish and English.


The program promotes innovative research on topics concerning Latin America, with a compulsory focus on interdisciplinary methods. From transregional, transcultural and comparative perspectives, research projects analyze current and historical problems of Latin American societies in the context of globalization. The complex transformations in Latin America are research relevant topics as are the perception and reception of the intellectual production of the region.

The program offers a range of events such as lecture series, research method workshops or guest lectures. Doctoral candidates benefit from a broad network as well as the institutes's research contacts in Latin America. Candidates, whose supervisors are members of the Institute for Latin American Studies and who hold a scholarship, can apply for admission to the program.

programme Freie Universität Berlin specialisation analyse globalisation Prof. Dr Marianne Braig Dr Lasse Hölck

Cultural Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Gender Studies, History, Literature of Latin America, Cultures of Latin America, Economics, Political Sciences, Sociology, interdisciplinary, Latin America

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Coordinator: Dr. Lasse Hölck
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