Berlin Industrial Engineering and Management (BIEM)

Engineering and TechnologyEconomics and business

TU Berlin’s doctoral program “Berlin Industrial Engineering and Management” (BIEM) aims to provide high-quality training to young scholars with the goal of producing excellent researchers in the field of economics and management.

By providing research-oriented courses, scientific support and supervision, BIEM offers early career researchers the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and competences to successfully conduct their own research projects.


BIEM supports doctoral students whose research centers on economics and engineering topics. Participation in the BIEM doctoral program offers doctoral candidates a carefully curated selection of courses on specific scientific, methodological, and professional skills. This is accompanied by the committed support of senior supervisors dealing with their research in a structured and systematic way. Thereby, young scholars always have the right contact person at hand for all questions. Another advantage is the active peer-to-peer network, which enables them to have a lively exchange with other doctoral students. Finally, in addition to a successfully completed dissertation, BIEM participants get an official accreditation of your gained academic and scientific capabilities and competences.

Contact Information
Chair: TU Berlin Faculty VII – Economics and Management
Coordinator: Birgit Peña and Mona Frermann
TU Berlin
Faculty VII – Economics and Management
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
Telephone: +49 30 +4930314-28928;+4930314-222
Deadlines: none
Places: unlimited
Scholarships: limited funding opportunities for courses and conferences