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The program is dedicated to the fascinating and challenging mathematical research field of data assimilation. It aims to provide early-career researchers with the skills to carry out research at the interface of applied and computational mathematics, statistics, probability theory, and machine learning. Simultaneously, it enables the members to apply advanced mathematical techniques to real-life data assimilation problems. It also fosters interdisciplinary skills, establishing a strong scientific foundation for our researchers.


The training program for doctoral researchers comprises the following key elements:

  • Annual Jamboree: This event gives them the opportunity to present and discuss their research and socialize.
  • Research Seminars and Colloquia: Regular sessions addressing various data assimilation topics.
  • Annual Spring School: Workshops and talks covering theoretical and practical aspects.
  • Professional Skills Training: Courses enhance diverse skills for personal and professional growth.
  • Data Think Tanks: Collaborative application problem-solving with industry partners.

We provide a flexible self-administered budget for activities like informal discussions and workshops. Additional support is offered to female researchers and those with children, including childcare during CRC-related events.

The program is supervised by two senior researchers. In addition, members are represented by 2-3 peers, fostering a supportive research environment.

Contact Information
Chair: Melina Freitag, University of Potsdam
Wilhelm Huisinga, University of Potsdam
Coordinator: Stella Krüger, University of Potsdam
Telephone: +49 0331977203160