Wicked Problems, Contested Administrations: Knowledge, Coordination, Strategy
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Wicked Problems, Contested Administrations: Knowledge, Coordination, Strategy (WIPCAD) offers a structured qualification program to international doctoral candidates of public administration at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at Universität Potsdam. The common research focus is on “wicked” policy problems, such as climate change, demographic transition or international conflicts.


WIPCAD offers its doctoral researchers a structured course program that reflects the thematic, conceptual and theoretical focus of the overall research agenda. During the three academic years every doctoral candidate receives training in the areas of

  • Concepts and Theories of Public Administration Research
  • Methods and Research Design
  • PhD Colloquium
  • Language and Presentation Skills

Initially, the course program familiarizes the doctoral candidates with the main empirical, conceptual and theoretical debates. Beginning with the 2nd semester, doctoral candidates have increasing opportunities to shape the content of their classes as emerging theoretical or methodological aspects are included at their request. From the 3rd semester onward, greater flexibility is provided and fewer courses are taught in order to allow field research, summer schools or other project-related seminars.

Prof. Dr Harald Fuhr Dipl. Pol. Katja Lass-Lennecke programme familiarises

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