Interdependencies in the Regulation of Markets
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The Research Training Group (RTG) offers outstanding young researchers a full-time, internationally competitive doctoral program with financial support in the form of scholarships. With its participating faculty, the RTG represents all major academic institutions in economics in Berlin.


The RTG’s doctoral program is based on the unifying research theme, Interdependencies in the Regulation of Markets. With a focus on regulatory issues, the doctoral program combines demanding course work with individual research, which begins at a particularly early stage. Each doctoral candidate is intensively supervised by two RTG faculty members.

The RTG works in close cooperation with the Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science (BDPEMS). The group’s research agenda focuses in particular on the interdependence of regulation in and between the three market segments: product markets, labor markets and financial markets.

Doctoral candidates are taught state-of-the-art knowledge of theoretical and applied economics that is essential at the frontier of economic research. They are in touch with the international research community in economics and become part of Berlin’s unique academic environment.

Prof. Dr Roland Strausz Verena Neumann Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin doctoral programme

economics, regulation, product market, labor market, financial market

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Prof. Dr Roland Strausz
Verena Neumann
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