Innovation Society Today: The Reflexive Creation of Novelty
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The Research Training Group (RTG) is based in the Department of Sociology at TU Berlin where it cooperates across three TU faculties as well as with Universität der Künste and the Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning. Twelve doctoral candidates and three associates are currently enrolled and are supported by a structured teaching program, academic congresses, visiting speakers and intensive supervision from one of the seventeen professors involved.


While innovation has shaped modern society from its inception, it is becoming more reflexive, heterogeneous, and ubiquitous. Reflexive innovation implies not just the intentional transformation of routine actions, but also the transformation of social practices based on continuously (re-)produced knowledge of innovation.

We study practices, orientations, and processes of innovations in and between areas, such as

  • science & technology
  • industry & service sectors
  • arts & culture
  • political governance, social planning of urban & regional spaces.

We aim to develop a sophisticated view on  innovation which embraces more than conventional economic perspectives. A series of case studies will be undertaken and analyzed comparatively  so as to promote a deeper and empirically founded understanding of the  meaning of innovation in contemporary society and the social processes it involves.

Prof. Dr. Arnold Windeler  Susann Schmeißer Technische Universität Berlin teaching programme analysed

innovatopn, innovation society, social processes

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