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The Graduate School of Global Politics (GSGP) invites students to pursue their doctorate within a three-year structured doctoral program jointly offered by Freie Universität Berlin and four selected Chinese partner universities: Renmin University in Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Jinan University in Guangzhou. As the only joint doctoral program between China and Germany in the Social Sciences, the GSGP aims to open a new phase of academic dialogue between the two countries.


Doctoral candidates at GSGP focus on dissertation topics in Global Politics (IR) and related Area Studies with a special emphasis on European-Chinese relations. They are uniquely positioned to

  • become highly qualified experts in global politics,
  • develop their dissertations while working closely with top scholars in their chosen fields of interest,
  • expand their academic knowledge through a challenging study program,
  • benefit from valuable international research experience through a research stay abroad at one of the partner institutions, and
  • gain access to an exciting international academic network in European-Chinese relations.

After successfully finishing the program and their dissertation, GSGP doctoral candidates will receive a doctoral degree from FU Berlin together with the joint certificate. Currently, the partner universities are working intensively on the introduction of a Joint Degree for GSGP doctoral candidates – a first between the two countries in the Social Sciences.

Prof. Dr Klaus Segbers Sandra Rector Freie Universität Berlin doctoral programme

european-chinese relations, global politics, international relations

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