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The Doctoral Program in Business Research (DPBR) is the structured doctoral education program offered by the School of Business & Economics at FU Berlin. DPBR is aimed at all doctoral candidates at the school, whether they are employed by the school as research assistants, candidates on a scholarship or other externally funded doctoral candidates. The program focuses on high-quality systematic theory building, research methods training and professional skills.


The Doctoral Program in Business Research is a “hybrid” doctoral program providing structured doctoral training in a format open to all doctoral candidates in business administration, including those working part-time as a member of the research or teaching staff in one of our departments. DPBR provides training in the design, methods, and publication of research across a range of fields in business studies. The main elements of the DPBR program involve team-based supervision and taught courses in the following three areas: theory development, research methods training and professional skills. Research projects and DPBR members come from a variety of academic backgrounds including Business Administration (Management, Marketing, Information Systems and FACTS) and projects of related disciplines with a clear business focus. Applications are invited from candidates if they have been admitted to the school for doctoral studies and have a member of the school on their supervisory team.

Prof. Dr Gregory Jackson Doctoral Programme Freie Universität Berlin

business administration, management, marketing, information systems, FACTS, business studies

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