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The mission of the Berlin Graduate School of Social Science (BGSS) is to prepare doctoral candidates from Germany and abroad for a career as social or political scientists within and outside the academic world. It offers a structured curriculum and intensive individual supervision and is part of the interdisciplinary Humboldt Center for Social and Political Research at HU.

With its strong network of non-university research institutions and international partner universities, BGSS serves Berlin as a regional and international platform for doctoral training in the social sciences.


Research at BGSS is based on interdisciplinary collaboration between sociology and political science. It concentrates on the comparative analysis of problems of social inclusion and democratic performance.

Welfare State, Migration, Education, Labor Markets, Social Inequality and Change, and Global Cities

Democratization, Democracy and its Institutions, Constitutionalism and Rule of Law, Individuals and Policies, Civil Society and Social Movements

The three-year program offers intensive individual supervision and a structured curriculum, combining high-level courses on theory and methods, milestones assuring continuous progress and practical elements like teaching, publishing and research internships.

Prof. Dr. Silvia von Steinsdorff, PhD Dr Martin Nagelschmidt Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin democratisation programme

sociology, political science, social inclusion, democratic performance

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