Public Economics and Inequality

Economics and business

The doctoral program on Public Economics and Inequality is a joint graduate school run by the Economics Department at FU Berlin and the Hans Böckler Foundation. It offers a coordinated course program taught by both local and international researchers.


Economic inequality has been on the rise in many industrialized countries since the 1980s. This phenomenon has raised a number of issues which shape the focus of the graduate school:

  • Income inequality and redistribution over the life-cycle
  • Behavioral economic analysis of social welfare systems
  • Intergenerational mobility and capital taxation
  • Taxation of economic elites and their resilience
  • Empirical analysis of tax and social policy

In the first year the doctoral candidates attend lectures on theory and empirical methods in the field of public economics. Internationally renowned experts teach short courses of three lectures on a subtopic of the program and discuss the candidates’ research proposals. This allows candidates to align their research with the latest scientific results at an early stage to the latest scientific results. In the second and third years, candidates focus on their research and present their work in the graduate school’s weekly seminar, at workshops organized by the graduate school and at international conferences. Candidates are encouraged to undertake a research stay abroad.

doctoral programme Freie Universität Berlin industrialised Prof. Dr Dr Giacomo Corneo Charlotte Bartels

Contact Information
Chair: Prof. Dr. Dr. Giacomo Corneo
Coordinator: FU Berlin
Boltzmannstraße 20
14195 Berlin
Telephone: +49 30 83852592
Deadlines: February, May, July
Places: 8
Scholarships: 8