Substantial efficiency increase in gas turbines through use of unsteady combustion and flow dynamics
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The Collaborative Research Center (CRC) aims at increasing the efficiency of stationary gas turbines and aero-engines by harnessing unsteady phenomena inherent in the system.

Scientists from TU Berlin and FU Berlin jointly work on aspects related to unsteady turbomachinery.

The CRC includes an integrated research training group that provides doctoral candidates with a structured program for scientific and interdisciplinary training.


Growing global demand for energy and transport places a strong need for improving gas turbine efficiency. Traditional technology, however, allows only incremental improvements. The goal of the CRC is to significantly increase efficiency by making use of - instead of trying to mitigate - dynamic phenomena. Two new unsteady combustion concepts are introduced that approximate thermodynamically more efficient constant-volume heat release. Unsteady compressor and turbine aerodynamics and blade cooling are investigated both experimentally and numerically.

To harness the unsteady phenomena, mathematical modeling, model reduction, and control engineering play a central role. Topics are closely tied to the CRC's scientific focus. The integrated research training group offers candidates a thematic lecture series, an annual summer school, and various seminars on scientific topics related to the CRC's research topics of the CRC as well as interdisciplinary aspects.

Technische Universität Berlin Freie Universität Berlin Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt programme modelling Prof. Dr Jonas Moeck Prof. Dr Lars Enghardt TU Berlin

stationary gas turbines, aero-engines, unsteady turbomachinery

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