Primary Metabolism and Plant Growth
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The International Max Planck Research School Primary Metabolism and Plant Growth (IMPRS-PMPG) is a joint doctoral program run by Universität Potsdam and the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (MPI-MP). IMPRS-PMPG involves research groups from the MPI- MP and UP’s Institute of Biochemistry and Biology. The facilities and faculty offer an excellent environment for research in modern plant science.


Plant growth, seen from a physiological point of view as resource acquisition and its conversion into plant biomass, is the main focus of IMPRS-PMPG. The research follows a systems-oriented approach, using Arabidopsis thaliana and other model plants and combining cutting-edge analytical techniques, molecular phenotyping (-omics) technologies and physiology with bioinformatics and modeling approaches. Research is at the core of the interdisciplinary doctoral program. Seminars and courses support doctoral candidates in acquiring scientific expertise and transferable skills. The doctoral candidates have a primary supervisor and a doctoral advisory committee for guidance and support. A highlight of IMPRS is the Plants and People Conference, organized every other year by a team of doctoral candidates.

About half of our doctoral candidates come from abroad. IMPRS-PMPG is open to candidates holding or about to obtain a Master’s or equivalent degree.

programme Universität Potsdam modelling organised Prof. Dr Mark Stitt Dr Ina Talke

biochemistry, biology, plant science, plant growth, plant biomass, primary metabolism

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Prof. Dr. Mark Stitt
Dr. Ina Talke
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology
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5th February 2020
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