Multivalency as an Organisational and Action Principle in Chemistry
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The integrated graduate school of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) Multivalency as an Organisational and Action Principle in Chemistry focuses on the education of doctoral candidates in the field of multivalent interactions. Multivalency is an important concept in e.g. the organization of matter or in biological recognition processes. The understanding of multivalency unifies scientific approaches from mathematics, physics and chemistry and yields realistic applications in molecular biology. The graduate school is a member of the doctoral program Molecular Science of Dahlem Research School.


The aim of CRC is to improve the understanding of multivalency and the design of new multivalent molecules with special properties. With more than 50 doctoral candidates from different background, located at different research institutions in Berlin, the focus of the integrated graduate school is the interdisciplinary education of the doctoral candidates. The main research areas are:

  • Synthesis of new molecular multivalent architectures
  • Understanding multivalent binding processes in biological systems
  • Simulations of multivalent processes with multi-scale models
  • Characterization of multivalent processes with physico-chemical methods

Applicants require a MSc degree in Physics, Chemistry, or a related area. Financial support is provided by CRC. Candidates are also offered courses on transferable skills in collaboration with the Dahlem Research School.

organisation characterisation Prof. Dr Beate Paulus Lydia Alnajjar

multivalent interactions, biological recognitions

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