Elementary Processes in Molecular Switches at Surfaces
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The Integrated Research Training Group is part of the Collaborative Research Centre on Elementary Processes in Molecular Switches at Surfaces, in which departments at FU, TU and UP as well as research institutions like the Fritz Haber Institute, the Max Born Institute and the Paul Drude Institute train graduates in the investigation of molecular switching processes at solid surfaces.


The Integrated Research Training Group provides an interdisciplinary graduate training program in physics and chemistry relevant to the topic "Molecules at Surfaces".

The increasing miniaturization and integration of electronic devices and sensors opens up perspectives for using molecules as building blocks for functional molecular nanostructures.

For applications like molecular electronics, the contact of such molecules to solid state interfaces is essential to connect the molecular system with the outside world, in particular for electronic transport. Molecules that can be switched between different molecular states by external excitations will play an important role in such systems.

Research in the Collaborative Research Centre is based on various complementary methods from synthesis of molecular systems characteristic of structural and electronic properties by quantitative surface science techniques and theoretical modeling.

center Freie Universität Berlin Technische Universität Berlin Universität Potsdam programme miniaturisation modelling centre Prof. Dr Wolfgang Kuch Dr Christian Frischkorn

molecular switching processes at solid surfaces, electronic devices, sensors, functional molecular nanostructures

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Prof. Dr Wolfgang Kuch
Dr Christian Frischkorn
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CRC will terminate in mid 2017.
Freie Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and Universität Potsdam